Health Care Recruiters... Those Looking to be the Best Recruiters

In today's health care delivery systems, demand for qualified health care personnel remains high. We find that networking and sharing successful recruitment and retention strategies provide a number of benefits to both employers and customers.

We invite you to find out more about the many benefits of joining the North Carolina Association of Health Care Recruitment. How do I join? Joining NCAHCR is easy! If you are a recruiter or human resources professional in a hospital, long term/sub-acute care, home health, military, or HMO, you have met the basic requirements for joining.

See, we told you it was easy! And just when you didn't think it could be any easier, 2023 calendar year Recruiter Memberships are at no cost to new members! All you have to do is e-mail the Chapter President, Ramesh Upadhyaya, and provide your name, title, healthcare organization, work address, work phone and work e-mail, and your membership will be honored through the end of calendar year 2023. You will be included in all meetings and granted full access to all information and members via the NCAHCR website. Industry related businesses who wish to support our organization and have members gain access to your products and services (advertising, screening, sourcing, supplemental staffing, etc.) are welcome to apply for Institutional Membership by contacting the Institutional Member Liaison, Joseph Dunmire, at [email protected].

Who is eligible for membership?

All hospital, long-term/sub-acute care, home health, medical group and HMO recruiters and human resource professionals are eligible for active membership.

How can you find out more about us?

Email Ramesh Upadhyaya, President and ask, he'll be happy to answer your questions. You may also want to join the National Association for Health Care Recruitment where you can get connected to members throughout the entire United States.

Not a member yet?